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About DMRJ Trust

DMRJ Trust which has stepped in the name & blessing of Late Mr D.M Ramaiah a visionist educationist, a tough principled personality who was a passionate teacher, had a dream to start a school with the objective of value education imparting with modern techniques & tools, on its way created DMRJ Trust aimed to the quality education for the children and reform them so that they will be able to accept the challenge & succeed in all their life Endeavour. The trustees intend to come out with more quality & quantitative institution in various discipline to serve various sections of the society.



GEPS, an institution of D M R J Trust is totally committed to imparting value based education to the children with the team of dynamic responsible pioneers that chart Green Eden future steps…..!!!!
WE are situated in the World of Green completely far away from our busy city and also free from both noise & air pollutions as we are committed towards the mission of education. We also give an experience of a natural heaven which is green all over.

GEPS is planned on a fully fledged school from Montessori I to Grade X with an aim to provide quality education using a fine blend of modern & traditional techniques with the fine tested ideas & methods with every forthcoming moment inspiring us to do better than the one passed.

As the Chairman of Green Eden Public School, I am proud to share with you the inspiring journey of our institution toward creating a sustainable future. In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, it is our responsibility to equip the young minds of today with the knowledge and values necessary to become stewards of the planet tomorrow. At Green Eden, we strive to cultivate an environment that fosters eco-consciousness, innovation, and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability.


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Dr Vedavathi M V

Founder Principal Green Eden Public School
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Every child is unique and has the potential to realize innate qualities and excel beyond expectations. At GEPS, we facilitate a nurturing ambience where our students nestle in the secure, caring and verdant green surroundings, developing a special bond with their mentors. It is in this proactive and happy turf that interest, curiosity and creativity is fostered that leads to a vibrant learning experience and the spirit to reach beyond.
The primary focus of our professional and competent faculty is on how to make learning interesting so that enquiry based learning evolves and minds are ignited with the joy of learning and passion for excellence.

In pursuing a better and greener future, educational institutions play a vital role in shaping young minds into responsible global citizens. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, Green Eden Public School has taken significant strides under the visionary leadership of Mr. Dinesh Kumar D M as its Secretary. His dedication to sustainability and holistic education has propelled the school toward becoming a beacon of environmental consciousness and innovation. This article explores Mr. Dinesh Kumar’s transformative leadership and the remarkable initiatives he has spearheaded, resulting in a truly sustainable and eco-friendly educational institution.

Mr Dinesh Kumar D M

Secretary Green Eden Public School
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Mr Ravishankar M K

Director Green Eden Public School
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As a director, Ravishankar M K firmly believes technology can revolutionize education and open student opportunities. With his astute leadership, he has led Green Eden Public School on a transformative path, ensuring that cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated into the classroom environment. Recognizing the need to equip students with the skills required to thrive in a technology-driven society, Ravishankar has championed the adoption of innovative tools and techniques that facilitate interactive and immersive learning.