TARANG – A Cultural Platform of GEPS to showcase our kids’ talents.

GEPS believes that Tarang is every child’s birthright as it brings about a transformation in the child’s life. Music touches the hearts of masses across the globe with its melodious rhythm and endless energy.

“There’s no greater feeling in the world than moving to a piece of music and letting the rest of the world disappear.”

The world around us spins with its limited take, we see the fascination is so evident to us. To be unmoved by the astounding experience where Tarang takes place is strenuous. It is not just about music or even the way organisers put it together! It is the soul-stirring rendition of our children, who are so very special when they dance,  squeal,  stroll about and sway their hands that makes us feel the joy of paradise. There is an easement in knowing that they are here to make us understand that the world is better because of them.

If you’ve ever witnessed Montessori kids grooving to the music, you can’t help but smile. They obviously love the feeling of moving to the tunes we play for them. Music and dance are much more than just fun-filled activities for children. They learn new things, like sound words and patterns through music and allow kids to express themselves.