Doctor’s Day

“ Doctor is a person who can be a friend to each member”

In this swiftly increasing global pandemic covid -19, We the GEPSites in the everyday rising flowers which had many things in the store for us – NEW ASPIRATION, NEW OATH and NEW PROCUREMENT. The Doctor’s day competition for bewitching minds of mont-3 was clenched on 01st July 2020 virtually.
As we know, how important the Doctor’s to our daily lives. A doctor is considered to be the god. A doctor is a dedicated person. A doctor is a person who treats everyone equally.
The competition’s hosted by Ms Hemavathi G and gave knowledge of importance of Doctor’s day to enhance the participants. The competition began with a lot of love and zeal. Through deeply inspiring Doctor’s, Our lovely little ones dressed up like a doctor and cute little ones buds were looking soooo pretty and gorgeous in doctor’s costume and kids said a few lines about Doctor’s. And our lovely stars of GEPS said a safety measure to protect from covid 19.
End of the day Dr. Madhu Kumar gave safety precautions to protect ourselves from covid 19.
Two judge’s Ms Bavitha and Madam Shruti our invited to witness the competition, appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants and enjoyed the competition. Finally the competition was concluded by thank you.

Start Time

5:00 pm


Finish Time

6:00 pm


Event Participants

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