Vegetable day

“ National vegetable day “

In this hastily increasing global pandemic covid 19, We the GEPSites, in the everyday rising new leaf which has many things in the store for us NEW TARGET ,NEW VOW and NEW ACQUISITION. The celebration is one more opportunity to remind everyone to continue with this part of a healthy diet. Vegetable day for enchanted minds of mont 2 and mont 3 was tightening on 7th August 2020 virtually.
The celebration anchored by Ms Meenakshi and Ms Hemavathi gave knowledge on the importance of vegetable day.
The celebration began with a real vegetable showcasing and introduction of each vegetable and which are essential in our daily lifestyle. Through deeply hearting our pleasing little ones dressed up like Ladyfingers, chilly, Tomato and carrot were looking very pretty and Jithiya Venkatesh grace introduction on ladies finger and also other kids like Parinitha J, Charan Gowda from mont 3 are given the brief note on their favourite vegetables. All lovely kids enjoyed the veritable day celebration.
Finally the lovely celebration comes to an end which has been concluded by Ms Meenakshi with vote of thanks.

Start Time

11:00 am


Finish Time

1:00 pm


Event Participants

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